RENCO Natural Calf Rennet for use in cheesemaking. Purified by an ion-exchange process, RENCO Natural Calf Rennet is naturally high in chymosin (>93%), providing a superior yield with flavour and texture benefits. RENCO Natural Calf Rennet can be supplied in both liquid and powder forms of varying strengths and pack sizes.

Product can be supplied halal certified.

Product specifications and safety data sheets are available to download.



Rennet Liquid

Strengths Available: 280 and 580 IMCU/mL
Packs Available: 20L and 1000L

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Rennet Powder

Strengths Available: 1100 and 1700 IMCU/g 
Packs Available: 500g, 10kg and 25kg

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Renco (Domestic Rennet for Junket, Cheesemaking, etc)

Strengths Available: 65IMCU/mL
Packs Available: Display Box (10 x 120mL) and 1L

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